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(i) Calculation of Enthalpies of Reactions Hess's law makes it Possible to calculate enthalpies of many reactions whic experimentally. for example, It is difficult to measure the heat evolved when carbon burns in oxygen to C(S)+0,(o)CO(g) AH = ? 2 from Hess's law, however, it is known that the heat evolved in the Com Carbondioxide is the same, viz, 393.5 kJ, whether the reaction takes place in a C(S)+O,(g) CO(g) AH 393.5 kJ or in two steps are Cs)+0,(9) CO(g) AH X kJ (say) cO(g)+O,(g) Co,(g) AH = y kJ (say) according to Hess's law AH X + y or X +y =-393.5 kJ Contact Us: Website Email: Call Toll Free
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  • Amol ashok pawar thankyou
    Hess law gives the information about the summation of constant heat. (enthalpy). The heat of reaction will be same even if it is carried out in one step or the same reaction in fra...
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  • Shrigandha
    how to find y
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  • Priyanshu kumar
    what's your doubt in this?
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