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Example: Consider a particle of mass m and charge g place in uniform field E = E,i. Apart from this a restoring force corresponding to the potential V(x) =mo X acts. Find the lowest 2 energy eigen value. Consider the electric field is originated at origin. Solution: The electric potential energy at the position x will be gEx So the effective potential 1s given by 1 Vx)mo X-qEr 1 qE 2m So Hamiltonion
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    Here is the detailed solution. They have directly written the solution. Therefore you couldn't understand. See my method. You can also find this by using second order energy correc...
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    Vijay Dalakoti
    Sir, I'm seeing here Perturbed part, unperturbed part... is perturbation part in jam syllabus. If it is where to study it from?
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