Rudradev dansena Asked a Question
January 6, 2020 10:07 pmpts 15 pts
if E is a set then what is its supremum and infimum of E
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  • Deepak singh 1
    infimum is 1
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  • Deepak singh 1
    it's value lies between 1 and 2
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  • Priyadarshan Choursiya thankyou
    sometimes I omit continuity while differentiating (see eq.1) but this is true for all n>=1 real no. so also for some particular points also(i.e. point of natural number). the way ...
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  • Monu thankyou
    3 power one by three
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  • Madhav
    1.....its limit point is 1.So,it's infimum and supremum is 1.(it's my opinion only frnd).
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    Rudradev dansena
    but if you put n= 2 then its great than 1 so one cannot be supremum
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