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1.Do we have something called as (memory T cytotoxic cells ) , because as we know that the activation of Cd8+ and cd4+ T cells take place separately (after single negative maturation step in thymus) and we also know that after intraction with antigen they produce effector cd8 and effector cd4 cells along with the memory T cells (as showed in screenshot, but i never heard of the term 'memory cytotoxin T cells' ) why so we only have momory T helper cells or both both of them exist(memory cytotoxin T cells and momory T helper cells)
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  • Anup padwal thankyou
    Yes we have both T cytotoxic a d T helper cells. T cytotoxic: have CD2 and CD3 as receptor while CD8 a d CD28 as coreceptor. T helper: have same receptor but have CD4 instead of C...
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    Chanchal kumar Rathi
    And sir what about memory T helper cells ? what does they do in specific they restimulate T helper cells only or other cells as well (cytotoxic T cells)\n\n\nSir can u pleas...
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  • Chanchal kumar Rathi
    And sir one more question we consider T helper cells having a central role in humoral and cell mediated immunity... I have studied that T helper cells are involved in the acti...
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    Chanchal kumar Rathi
    sir please spot some light on this as well
  • Chanchal kumar Rathi
    is their anyone who can answer this
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