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BHU-2015) which of the following is a correct statement? A The angle between fold limbs as measured in the cross-section is called the interlimb angle R A fold with a horizontal áxial surface by definition must have horizontal hinge line, and is called a réclined fold C. The high point of the hinge line in a dou- bly plunging fold is called the culmina tion D In an anticne, the beds are younger to wards the/core
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  • Owishi Sarkar thankyou
    The correct answer is C). A) is not correct as interlimb angle is angle between tangents drawn at limbs. B) is incorrect as hinge surface is not always horizontal if axial line is ...
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  • Rahul kumar Best Answer
    Answer: Option-C is correct because high point of the hinge line in a doubly plunging fold is called as culmination and low point is called as depression. Option-A is wrong becaus...
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