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Lennard-Jones Potential Chemi: x EXPEDIENCE I meaning in the Carx + C _and TheoreticalChemistry_Textbook Maps/SupplementalModules (Physical_and Theoretical_ Chemistry)/Physical Properties_of. Apps G Gmail Youlube Maps Carbocation - Defin... Download JNU M.S... EContents Home Bookshé al Modules (Physical and Theoreti Bonding Potential The Lennard-Jones potential is a function of the distance between the centers of two particles. When two non-bonding particles are an infinite distance apart, the possibility of them coming together and interacting is minimal. For simpliity's sake, their bonding potential energy is considered zero. However, as the distance of separation decreases, the probability of interaction increases. The particles come closer together until they reach a region of separation where the two particles become bound; their bonding potential energy decreases from zero to a negative quantity. While the particles are bound, the distance between their centers continue to decrease until the particles reach an equilibrium, specified by the separation distance at which the minimum potential ener nergy is reached. If the two bound particles are further pressed together, past their equilibrium distance, repulsion begins to occur: the particles are so close together that their electrons are forced to occupy each other's orbitals. Repulsion occurs as each particle attempts to retain the space in their respective orbitals. Despite the repulsive force between both particles, their bonding potential energy increases rapidly as the distance of separation decreases. Example 2 4:05 10/
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    it is correct... In electrostatics, the electrical force between two charged objects is inversely related to the distance of separation between the two objects. Increasing the sepa...
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    main Kuch aur sochne lgi thi
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    it is correct
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    it is talking about beyond equilibrium point
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