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If a,p are the roots of the equation sin 2x+asin x 18. 22. If lim b. where ax +bx+ c =0 1-cos(ax +bx +C) is equal to lim then sin 2x+a Sin xis finite ,then the values lim (x-a) xa x50 (a.) 0 of a and b respectively will be (a.)-2,-1 (b.)a- (b.) 2, 1 (C.)-a-B) (c.)-2, 1 (d.)(a- (d.) 2,-1 23. lim xsin equals 19. If lim X(l-cos x)-ax sin x exists and 1S 0 finite, then the value of a must be (a.) 1 (a.) 1 (b.) 0 (c.)-1 (b.) (d.) -co (c.) 24. Consider the following statements: if OSx0 such that limx"f(x) X00 does NOT exist Haur Khas, Near I.L.T., New Delhi-110016, Ph.: (011)-26537527, Cell: 9999183434 &9899161734, 8588844789 om: Wrhsite: www.dipsacademy.com 174 28A/11 please provide us the solutions of all the sums, sir
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