Swapnil chatterjee Asked a Question
August 4, 2020 3:50 pmpts 20 pts
if n is odd n If b if n is even n Then (A) Both (b,) andb, are convergent (B) Both (b) andb, are divergent (C) (b,) is convergent but 2b, is not convergent. (D) 2b is convergent but (a,) is convergent
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  • Anuj thankyou
    option "c" is correct...when we establish the series we get series which is not monotonic . so series is not convergent (we can't say anything about divergent) and is conver...
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  • Anuj thankyou
    in case of series. when nth term is odd then series is convergent by D'Alembert test and when nth term is even the series is divergent
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  • Satpal singh
    sequence is cgt to zero as n tends to infinity. but series is dgt by p-test .
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    which term is nth term ??? odd or even