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March 20, 2020 6:32 pm

Dear Students, Here we bring video on Topic Wise Solutions of Previous Year Questions asked in IIT-JAM 2020 Exam in Biotechnology by Arpan Parichha Sir. He secured  AIR-3 (2017) and AIR-6 (2016) in IIT-JAM Examination. Let's find out the solutions by our expert Mr. Arpan Parichha.


Today's Topic: Immunology


*In this video you will learn about:

👉 T Cells and B Cells

👉 Hematopoietic Pluripotent Stem Cell

👉 Cytotoxic T Cells

👉 T Cell Receptor and MHC 1


So let us first analyse Importance of Topic 'Immunology' with respect to IIT-JAM 2020 Exam.


👉 No. of Questions asked: 2-3

👉 Difficulty Level according to Expert: Moderate to Difficult

👉 Marks: 4-6


Video shows Important Concepts used in Immunology topic's questions and Some useful knowledge to score good marks while solving such kind of questions.


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