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(iit-jam 2013 in group-1 with (iit-jam 2013) (iit- 45. match the minerals listed in 45. match the minerals listed in group-1 their corresponding twin type in gr

(IIT-JAM 2013 in Group-1 with (IIT-JAM 2013) (IIT- 45. Match the minerals listed in 45. Match the minerals listed in Group-1 their corresponding twin type in Group-2 Group-1 P Staurolite Q Quartz R. Gypsumn S. Orthoclase A. P-2, Q-4,R-1, S-3 B. P-4, Q-2, R-1, S-3 C. P-2, 0-3, R-4, S-1 i D P-4,Q-1, R-2, S-3 with Group- Group-2 1. Japan twin 2 Swallow-tail twin 3. Carlsbad twin 4. Cruciform twin (IIT-JAM 2013)

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    Saurabh 1 Best Answer

    This one you can find in any of the basic mineralogy book(by Dexter Perkins or by dana or by cornelis klein). Staurolite has characteristic cruciform twin (a type of penetration twin forming a cruciform pattern ✝️). So, P-> 4 Quartz shows characteristic Japan twin law with two crystals meeting at an angle of around 85°. So, Q-> 1 Gypsum shows characteristic Swallow tail twin in which the shape of twinned crystals resembles English alphabet V. So, R->2 Orthoclase shows characteristic Carlsbad twinning basically a type of penetration twinning. So, S-> 3. So correct option is D.


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