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(iit-jam 2014) 42. two minerals p and o. were studied under thee microscope. mineral p is characterized by two orthogonal cleavage. mineral q has more than one

(IIT-JAM 2014) 42. Two minerals P and O. were studied under thee microscope. Mineral P is characterized by two orthogonal cleavage. Mineral Q has more than one set of cleavage, but these are NOT at right angles, Q also changes relief on rotation of the stage. ldentify P and Q from the following alternatives: A. P-hornblende, Q-calcite B. P-calcite, Q-diopside C. P-diopside, Q-hornblende D. P-diopside, Q-calcite (1IT-JAM 2014)

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    Mayank vedwal Vedwal Best Answer

    Correct answer is D. Since the diopside is a clinopyroxene mineral which has two set of cleavage which are almost perpendicular and calcite has 3 set of cleavages which are not perpendicular. Calcite also shows double refraction , it means that the calcite has different refractive index in different directions so its relief changes with the rotation of stage.


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