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9 Match the primary sedimentary structure in Group I with the corresponding process of formation in Group II. Group I P. Asymmetric ripples Q. Dish and pillar R. Flute cast S. Wavy bedding Group II 1. Water escape 2. Bed load transportation of sediments 3. Deposition from alternate traction and suspension load 4. Scouring by turbulent eddy (B) P-2 (C) P-2 (D) P-3 (A) P-1 Q-3 Q-4 R-1 S-3 Q-1 R-4 Q-1 R-4 R-2 S-4 S-2 S-3
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    Answer (B) P-2, Q-1, R-4, S-3 Assymetric ripples (current ripples) are formed by bed load transportation of sediments. Dish and pillar are water escape structures formed after de...
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    sir can u share dish and Piller picture
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