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as primary lymphoid organs are site for maturation for t and b cells why the answer for this question given is B as secondary lymphoid organs are for antibodies production ?

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  • Priya sarda

    The primary lymphoid organs are the red bone marrow, in which blood and immune cells are produced, and the thymus, where T-lymphocytes mature. It is the. primary organs where antibody that is Lymphocytes grow. Growing, synthesis and maturation all takes place in this primary central organ. Since option B and D both have maturation word, there might be some confusion between the two options. But antibody production and synthesis takes place in primary organ. So option is B

  • Priya sarda Best Answer

    a. The central (primary) lymphoid organs are the thymus and the bursa or bone marrow. b. The peripheral (secondary) lymphoid tissues are the lymph nodes, spleen, diffuse lymphoid tissues, and lymphoid follicles. The Para cortical area contains T-lymphocytes and constitutes thymus- dependent area. Both T and B-lymphocytes migrate to sinusoidal spaces of medulla and pass into blood via different lymphatic vessels. B lymphocytes are scattered in Para cortical area, T lymphocytes are present in and around the germinal follicle. Active cooperation between the two types of lymphocytes and the antigen presenting cells in the production of an immunological response is indicated by the distribution of T and B-cells. The lymph node acts as filter for lymph draining the body tissues and foreign antigens which enter the sub capsular sinus by afferent lymphatic vessel. The dendrite macrophages capture and process the antigen. This helps the proliferation and circulation of T and B cells. The lymph passes via afferent lymphatic’s.


    acc to your answer it should be option d but the answer at back is option b


    pls explain


    primary lymphoid organs are the place where antibody grow, synthesis happens and mature. option b and d both have maturation word. so getting confused is okay. but. primary organs are the place where there is. production of antibodies. so option b is. correct. option d is also correct. but option b is more accurately correct


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