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In an experiment, the resistance of a rectangular slab of a semiconductor is measured as a function of temperature. The semiconductor shows a resistance of 3002 at 200 K and 22 at 250 K. Its energy band gap is [Given: In(15) 2.708, In(10) =2.303 (b) 0.431 e (d) 0.862 el |JAM PH-20111 (a) 0.138 eV (c) 0.690 e
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  • Rohit kumar gupta
    hope this will helps to understand
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    Sagar kumar biswal
    In resistance expression rho is resistivity and in semiconductor expression rho is concentration of charge careers. How can you relate them ? They are different things. And further...
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  • Rohit kumar gupta thankyou
    hope this will helps you
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  • Rohit kumar gupta
    Option d is correct
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