Jeremy C. Zodinliana posted an Question
October 27, 2021 • 22:39 pm 30 points
  • Physics (PH)

In iit jam,on the topic optics,sub topic thar are usually come are??

in iit jam,on the topic odf optics,sub topic thar are usually come are??

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    Anshum Sharma

    yes 1 question comes from network circuit but you need to focus on other important topics from which you can easily attempt the question.

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    Anshum Sharma Best Answer

    According to me, from optics nearly 2 or 3 questions have comes in iit jam physics paper. And if we talk about wave oscillation then, wave velocity and group velocity questions must come and you must see the question from diffraction and interference. I would never suggest you to skip optics as it can be really scoring for example polarisation is such a topic that no matter what you are definitely gonna get a question from it and you can easily solve it if you are aware of the laws


    thanks sir i am left with mathematical physics,statistical mechanics and optics started revising again from solid state....thats why i am asking...did network circuit(electronics) on iit jam come on question??


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