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in jts decimal 84 A positive integer is divisible by 9 iff the sum of the digus representation is divisible by: (A) 3 9 (C) 81 (D) None of these O p a pme and a be any integer such that pła, Then the solution or nar congruence ax b(mod p) is given by (A) ramodp (B) p mod a (C) xaPmodp (D) None of these 86. The integer p is prime if and only if: (A) LP-1=-D(mod p) C)P-1-21 (mod p) B) P-1 1(mod p) (D) None of these 8 L.etp be a n nd n be uny integer, then -1y'(mod p). p (A) peime, positive (B) odd, positive (C) odd, negative (D) None of these 88. The quadratic congruence x= 1(mod p). p is a has a solution iff p-1(mod4). (A) composite (B) prime (C) perfect (D) None of these 89. Ifnis not divisible by any prime vn, then n is a'an. (A) Even (B) Odd (C) Prime (D) None of these (16) YEIH-3)-MAT(8J8
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