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otrascopic nmethods NauoUUHU not with the cOvalent radii but with the van der chemi be metalic rau element is a notn-metal or can be measured by X-ray or ( e peri de at other X-ray or In fact radii of noble gases should be comn mpared The onie raadirof a few elements are listed not with . Two trends are obvious. We cart n term Waals radii of other elements. des in Table 3.6. Iwo trends are obvious. We ies ls. in Table 3.6. Table 3.6(a) Atomic Radii/pm Across the Periods N O F C B erties Li Be 74 66 64 poin erg Atom (Period I) 88 77 111 152 S Cl Atomic radius Si P Al erio Na Mg Atom(Period Il) 110 104 99 Iss 143 117 186 160 d io Atomic radius Table 3.6(b) Atomic Radii/pm Down a Family
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    Variation of Atomic Radius in the Periodic Table Variation in a Period: Along a period, the atomic radii of the elements generally decreases from left to right. Variation in a grou...
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    means reference Ka data is wrong
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