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July 7, 2021 12:23 pmpts 30 pts
in option C, it is given that maximum value of f(x) is 1 ,if it is false then what is the maximum value of f(x)?????????A function f(x) is continuous in the interval [O,21. It is known that f(0) = f{2) = -1 and f(1) =1. Which one of the following statements must be true? There exists a y in the interval (0,1) such that f(y) = f(y +1) (A) (B) For every y in the interval (0,1), f(y) = {(2 - y) The maximum value of the function in the interval (0,2) is 1 (C) (D) There exists a y in the interval (0, 1) such that f(y) = -f(2 y)
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  • Alka gupta thankyou
    here C options must be ture because 1 is point of maxima and maximum value is f(1)=1
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    Deepak patra
    ma'am how find maximum and minimum value in this type of questions??