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INTERNALAsSESSIMENT:LAB-VII 10.0P-AMP is very popular in industry mainly because Operational Amplifiers (a) it is very cheap (D) it is of very small size (c) these are available in different packa ges (a tneir external character istics can be changed to suit any application. . An ideal oP-AMP has (a) intinite voltage gain 6) infinite input resistance (c) zero output resistance (d) all of the above 11. For a Differentiator circuit, if the input signal is 2. Since R of an ideal OP-AMP is infinite (a) its output resistance is zero square wave, the output signa s (b) its output voltage becomes independent of R (a) tnangular wave (D) sine wave (C) cOsine wave (d) sharp impuises C es input currentiS zero (d) it becomes a current-ontrolled device 12. For a lntegrator circuit, if the input signal is square 3. An inverting amplifier has Rr= 2MQ and R = 2K2. wave, the output signal is ts voltage gain is (a) triangular wave (b) sine w ave (a) 1000 (c) 10 b 1000 10 d) C) cosineWave (d) sharp impulses 4. Of the values listed below, the realistic value for 13. A Differentiator circuit has RC value 10" sec. The pe-loop voltage gain of an OP-AMP IS output voltage if input goes from0 to 5V in 0.1 ms is (a) 1 2000 (d) 100,000 (a) sV (D)-5 V (c) 80 dB (c)-0.5 V (d) 0.5 V 5. For an OP-AMP with negative feedback, the output is (a) equal to the input (6) more than the input 14. when OP-AMP I5 used as a summing amplitier for wO input Signals with R = R, =R,, then the output can be expressed as c Tred bacK tO the inverting input (d) fed back to the non-inverting input (a) V+V2 (c) V-+%) (b) V, -V (d) V=V-V ne use ot negative feedback (a) redu
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    The correct answers are : 1.) d 2.) c 3.) b 4.) a 5.) c 6.) a 7.) c 8.) a 9.) c 10.)d 11.)d 12.)a 13.)b 14.)c 15.)d
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