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Internalassessment:lab-vi 9. in a half-wave filter, the output r.m.s. current is related to peak current (lo) as 1. ratio of r.m.s value or a.c component to d.c

INTERNALASSESSMENT:LAB-VI 9. In a half-wave filter, the output r.m.s. current is related to peak current (lo) as 1. Ratio of r.m.s value or a.c component to d.c d. lrm.a lal2 component in the rectifier output is known as a ripple tactor C. Femalo/ 2 b. filter circuit d. rms. C. voltage regulator d. peak curent factor 10. If the input frequency of sine wave applied to a half wave rectifier is 80Hz, then the frequency of the output 2. The re lation between the output d.c. current and wave wi be peak current (lo) for a half-wave rectifier is given by . 80Hz b. 120Hz . 140Hz d. 160Hz a. lde. la/ t C. dc. lal 27T 4la Sl/T. d. lde. 11. The maximum rectifier efticiency of a full wave 3. Current conduction in full wave rectifier occurs ect ifier ris during . equal to the efficiency of a haif wave rectifier a. negative half cycle .positive half cycle b. two times the efficiency of a half wave rectifier C. both a and b d. none of the above c. three times the efficiency of a half wave rectifier d. four times the efficiency of a haift wave rectifier. 4. Maximum rectifier efficiency of a half wave rectifier is +0.5 b. 4 5% 12. According to Stefan's law, the total radiant energy C. 40.7% d. 40.8% (P) emitted by a black body is related to its absolute emp. (T) as D.Par PaT 5. Four diodes are required in a a. PrT a. half wave rectifier C. POCl d. D. Full wave rectifier C. half wave bridge rectifier d. full wave bridge rectifier 13. The emissive power of a perfectly black body is a. 0 b. 1 C. 6.Output or a rectirier contains 14. The value of Stefan's constant (o is a. both d.c. component and ac component a. 6.572 x 108 Wm4K4 b. d.c. componentOy b.5.672 x 10 Wm4K c. 5.672 x 101 Wm2x-4 C.a.c. conmponent oniy d. none of the component 1. 5.672 x 105 Wm2x4 7. Ripple factor of a full wave rectifier is d. 0.46 b. 0.48 15. The power (P) of a bulb and the resistance (R) of the . 1.21 .* Tilament are related as AR where A Is à constant. The value of n should be 8. In a full-wave rectifier, the relation between the a. 1 d.4 . C. 5 output d.c. current and peak current (%) is given by . loT b. de. 2o/ T C. =la/ 2t d. lde. 3lo/ t.

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    Anshum Sharma Best Answer

    The correct answers are : 1.) a 2.) b 3.) c 4.) b 5.) d 6.) b 7.) b 8.) b 9.) a 10.)a 11.)b 12.)a 13.)b 14.)d 15.)a


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