Somnath Jana Asked a Question
August 7, 2020 1:56 pmpts 30 pts
is it possible to get an engineering degree after joining iit in mathematics
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  • Anonymous User thankyou
    either you have to withdraw your admission from bsc course to join in btech program or u complete ur bsc course and then take admission in btech
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    Anonymous User
    But u cannot take admission in btech in IITs after completion bsc from iits
  • Piyush thankyou
    No, you don't get degree after joining in bsc maths course
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  • Deepak singh
    you can btech after Bsc or before Bsc also.. For any course you have clear entrance exam
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  • Pranav kumar
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  • Priyadarshan Choursiya
    you only apply in private college not in iits
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