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  • Ghost. Best Answer
    Nuclear force is attractive as well as replusive in nature, it primarily depends upon distance, both nature are quite evident because nucleus is stable(attractive) and nucleons doe...
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  • Smruti prajna thankyou
    It is attractive in nature because in the nucleus of an atom protons and neutrons are bounded by the strong nuclear force than the electric force
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  • Chandra dhawan
    dear it's shows both nature... attractive and replsive... best regards if you want know more about plz tell me
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    Smruti prajna
    The nuclear force is always attractive, the electromagnetic always repulsive in the nucleus. 
  • Nitin meel
    Nuclear force is attractive force so as a result protons and neutrons are bounded togher.
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  • Ruby negi
    it is attractive in nature
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  • Ghost.
    Nuclear force is attractive as well as replusive, Nuclear force primarily a function of distance, at a distance of fm it is attractive and at a distance of 0.5 fm or less it become...
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