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reaction can be calculated. wo dierent tempcratures are known, the value of AH for the van't Hoff Equation in terms ofK.: K. is related to K, according to the equaton Kp= Ke (RT)An where An is change in the number of moles when the reactants change into products (for gaseous substances). .(8) Taking logarithm of both sides of equation (8), we get In K, = ln K, + An In R+ An lnT Differentiating this equation with respect to temperature, we get d In Kp_dln Ke An ..9) dT dT T But according to cquation (3), already derived above, d ln Kp_ AH° .10) dT RT2 Combining equations (9) and (10), we get d In KAn AHO T RT2 d Ine AH T or dT dT RT2 d ln K_AH°-An (RT) RT2 1 or dT Further, we know that AH= AU+ P AV or if the substances are taken in their standard states, we may write AH = AUO + PAV= AU° + An RT PAV=P(V,-V)=PV, - PV,=n, RT- n,RT= (n,-n,) RT = AnF p. or AH- A nRT= AUO Substituting this value in equation (11), we get din k RT nnergy of the reaction when all reactants and the products are take
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    The equation is right
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