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5. H also8amu FT) Deep blue teacthon oiJt 3am Red Ppt Heu oalso 6u ati cldkhyd
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    yes shweta it will give positive fehling test. Alliphatic aldehyde gives positive in your question aldehyde is not aromatic as it is not directly attached to benzene ri...
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya Best Answer
    1. Fehling’a Solution test Fehling's solution= Fehling A (aq CuSO4) + Fehling B (sodium potassium tartrate) + NaOH Aldehyde gives +ve test and red color of Cu2O is observed. ( Ben...
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    Shweta thakur
    sir mane Jo questionn send kiya vo dono denge test ye