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4G illl 3G il| 0.2K/S 0S AM O LTE B3% U O Question : 22/60 Previous Year Solved Papers (PSP) - Biotechnology For an autocatalytic second order reaction R P, the rate law is [where v is rate of the reaction and k is the rate constant] A) V = k{R] (B) V k[R]IP] (C) V= k[R? (D) V = k[P A B D View Solution A second order reaction is a reaction, the rate of which is directly proportional to the square of the concentration of a single reactant or equal to concentration of two difer ent reactats. For a reaction: A*B Products Rate = k A B] or Rate = k AF= Rate equation for second order reaction.
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    ans will be 'b' because addition of individual coefficient of both reactant and product..
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