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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    u can solve it like this also....
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    Chakravarthi g s
    it is a general method and nice. TQ
  • Ujjawal vishal Best Answer
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  • Chakravarthi g s
    quotient+remainder/g(x) I understood tq sir
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  • Chakravarthi g s
    explain that step
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    Ujjawal vishal
    this step comes after long division of t^3 by t-1
  • Chakravarthi g s
    sir now is it ok
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  • Chakravarthi g s
    I attached the image
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    Ujjawal vishal
    since lcm of denominators of power is 6...put 1+x=t^6..dx=6t^5dt
  • Ujjawal vishal thankyou
    I can't see the question
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