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l. An ideal gas consists of three dimensional polyatomi olecules. The temperature is such that only one Vibrational mode is excited, If R denotes the gas Constant, then the specific heat at constant volume of one mole of the gas at this temperature is (a) 3R b) R 9 -R 2 (c) 4R (d) |JAM PH-20
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  • Ravi prakash yadav Best Answer
    C is the answer
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    Amrutha t
    sir, thank u
  • Ruby negi thankyou
    option c is correct... one vibration mode excited this means 2 d.o.f.. remember this..
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    Ruby negi
    for any doubt u could ask...
  • Vaishali sharma
    see attached dear
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    Vaishali sharma
    hope it will brush up your concept
  • Chandra dhawan
    see attached file
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    Chandra dhawan
    see attached file
  • Chandra dhawan
    answer is C.... see attached file
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    Chandra dhawan
  • Vaishali sharma
    if u have querry reply on my comment
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  • Mahak
    see attached ans is 4R
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