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lan view shown in the given figure Is that of a fault F-F intersecting a series of beds. 18 44 45 F Which one of the following statement is true in this regard ? (A The net slip is parallel to the bedding trace on the fault plane. (B) The fault does not have any strike-slip The fault does not have any dip-slip C) (D) The net slip is equal to dip-slip
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  • Veer vikram singh thankyou
    In this case the net slip of the fault is parallel to bedding trace so that upon erosion the beds do not appear to move in map view. see the figure
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    Ananya kundu
    okay Thank you
  • Sajan sarthak sahoo thankyou
    The fault doesn't have any strike slip will be the answer. as the beds are not having any offset either side of the fault plane .
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