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-le a be a 4x4 inveztfble real matex. hich he ollocdtng is not oue ? (necessabila he ous o a fovm a basis of i nul space contas only fhe o recto a has distfnct

-Le A be a 4x4 inveztfble real matex. hich he ollocdtng is NOT oue ? (necessabila he ous o A fovm a basis of I Nul Space contas only fHe o recto A has distfnct eigen Ynluos mage T= Ax is I

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    Deepak patra

    no option b is correct .. as T is one one , only zero vector will map to zero vector of range space... no other than zero vector will map to zero..

  • Anonymous User

    A is 4×4 invertable matrix therefore rank of A is 4 or its nullity is zero (nullity= order- rank =4-4=0)so null space contain only zero vector so options B true

  • Anonymous User best-answer

    C is not true we know that prodect of eigen values equal to determinate of matrix A. example if egien values 1,1,2,3 then determinate of A is 6 so A is invertable.


    sir just i wanted to ask isn't option b false..?


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