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Le Let A R oe Aiuen btho Pomua Pu = (3 ]uy, 21+39à t I) Te ) S iscautl nu od (o,o) S ofs at (0) o Co) o) ) is DFCoo) is nvetbe
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  • Satpal singh
    i used this definition for differentiability . see this is if and only if result
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  • Satpal singh thankyou
    see this also for |xy|
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  • Satpal singh Best Answer
    function is differentiable
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  • Satpal singh
    i have marked my doubt
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  • Satpal singh
    see this.put a=0 and b=0 you will get the limits zero
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    Bidisha shit
    sir that's multiply not '+'
  • Satpal singh
    f is continuous easily
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  • Satpal singh
    since both components functions contain positive powers of x and y . so limit will exist and equal to functional value
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