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Let a,b, c, deR and let T: R> R be the linear transformation defined by ax+by for Lcx+dy] Let S:C C be the corresponding map defined by s(x+iy)=(ax+by)+ i(cx+dy) for X, yeR. Then (a.) is always C -linear, that is S(a+a)=S(a)+5(=2) for all Z1,72 EC and S(az)= aS(z) for all aeC and zeC. (b.) S is C-linear if b = -c and d = a (c.) S is C-linear only if b =-c and d =a (d.) S is C-linear if and only if T is the identity transformation. please explain answer
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    thank u very much dada.. 😄😊😇.. actually answer re b & c option thila baile confuse hauthili
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