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October 8, 2020 10:10 ampts 30 pts
Let A be a non empty set and f: 1 point A A bea permutation. Then O fis one one but not onto O fis one one and onto O fis onto but not one one OOption 4 How many generators are there 1 point for Z_22 (integers modulo 22)? Z22 O9 O10 O 11 O 22
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  • Supriya shiwani
    in first qestion .permution are one one and onto and for second is 10
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  • Deepak singh
    in first question , option a is correct because permutations are one one and onto functions . and in question 2 , no. of generators = phi(22) = 10. so option b is correct. if ...
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  • Piyush thankyou
    Ans is 10 for Q2 Option A for first
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  • Chuppana tanuja thankyou
    1 ans. f is one one and onto
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