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Let A be a5 x3 real matrix of rank 2 . Let b E R° be a non-zero vector that is in the column space of A. Let S = {rE R°: Ar = b}. Define the translation of a subspace V of R° by zo E R° as the set zo+ V= {ro +v:vEV}. Then (A) S is the empty set B) 5 has only one element C) Sis a translation of a l dimensional subspace D) Sis a translation of a 2 dimensional subspace
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    since rank of A is 2 and is nonzero vector therefore rank of AB not equal to 2 rank of A ≠ rank of AB system AX=b is inconsistent.no x€R³ exist such that AX=b so S is empty ...
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    system inconsistent kaise
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