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Let f: -8 be a scalar field, v:R>R° be a vector filed and let aeR' be a constant vector Fr represents the position vector xi +zk, then whch one of the tollowing is FALSE? A) cunf v)-gradf) xv+f cur{y) (5) divgrad(f) -| C)cuf(āxr)=2| a (0)divT-0 for T-0 F
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  • Pranav kumar Best Answer
    option d is correct.
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  • Anuj s. thankyou
    plz share the clear picture of our question (unable to read ) but i share a pdf of some curl , div , grad formula plz read , if you have any doubt , plz share , i will discuss
    • diffop.pdf
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  • Anuj s.
    unable to read a question
    • 2VA-N56.pdf
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