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Let f:RR be a continuous function satisfying x+ f0)dt me"-1 for all xe R. Then the set (xe R: 1sf)s2) is the interval (A) log 2, log 3) C)le-1.e-) (B) (2log 2, 3log 3 (D) [0, e1
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  • Pranav kumar Best Answer
    Option a is correct
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  • Pranav kumar thankyou
    Any doubts then ask
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  • Srinath
    Apply Leibniz rule, for differentiating under the integral. Find the inverse of f(x). You'll see that the answer is option A. If you have doubts, ask.
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  • Jagat Chaudhary
    use leibnitz to differentiate both sides of given expression. hence we get 1+ f(x)= e^x hence f(x)=e^x - 1 now use this f(x) in given inequality ans solve inequality as shown be...
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