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Let p be a prime number. Let G be the group of all 2*2 matrices over Z, with determinant 1 under matrix multiplication. Then the order of G is (A) (p-1)p(p+1) (C) (B) p(P-1) (D) p p(p-1)+ P
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  • Piyush Best Answer
    PFA. Ans:A
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  • Deepak singh thankyou
    see attached
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    Deepak singh
    see this formula to find order of sl(n,zp)
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  • Arzoo thankyou
    See the attachment
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  • Ruby negi
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    Ruby negi
    option a is correct...
  • Deepak singh
    option a is true
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  • Arzoo
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  • Piyush
    PFA. Ans:A
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