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Let S be a subset of R such that 2018 is an interior point of S. Which of the following is (are) TRUE? (A) S contains an interval (B) There is a sequence in S which does not converge to 2018 ()There is an element y E S, y * 2018 such that y is also an interior point of S (D) There is a point z E S, such that |z - 2018| = 0.002018
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    To discard Option D, I have taken the set of elements which has distance 10^-8 from 2018.
  • Piyush thankyou
    Option A B C are correct.
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  • Shamsun
    sir plz explain option B
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    For option B , Read the last statement. we have infinitely many elements other than 2018 in the set . take any constant sequence y= s (not equal to 2018).
  • Piyush
    Any doubt then you can ask.
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    it clr
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