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( Let T: R? R be a linear transformation of the 2-dimensional vector space R2 (the x-v-plat to itself which is the reflection across a line y = mx for some m e R. Then the matrix representation of the linear transtormaticn With respect to the standard ba B fe,, e,} of RR, where 6. e, 1 1-m 1+m 1 1+m 2m 1+ m 2m 2n (A) (B) m-1 2m m-1 1 1-m 2m None of these (D) (C) 1+m m +1 2m I at
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    see the attachment
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    Anonymous User
    Yes...ask ur doubt
  • Deepak singh thankyou
    ,use this transformation
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    Deepak singh
    any doubt then ask
  • Anuj s. thankyou
    here is your solution option " A" is correct if any doubt, you can ask we will discuss
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