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Let U, V and W be firite cimensional vesl vector spaces, T.U V, S.V W ard P.WU be inear trasformaers. If renge (ST) nulspae (P) nulspace (ST) = range (P) and rank T) = rank S), then wtich one af the following is tnae ? (A) nulity cf T = rulty af S B dITension of U CimensIn of W t dmensicn ot V= 3, amonsion ct U= 4, then P is not derbcaly zero D) rdrIereaicrn of V-4, drrerrsiorn cf U 3 ad T is ure e, te P is icerically zero
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  • Shivam jyoti Best Answer
    ans c is correct.
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  • Anonymous User thankyou
    option c is correct
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  • Divam kumar
    explain sir
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