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Let V = R°(R) be a vector space consider Wi-lx,y, zi€R' Ix=x+y=x+y+z W2((x, y, zi€R' ly=y+z=y+ Z+X} W3 {(x, y, zi€R' Iz=z+x=z+X+y} Then Wn W2nW31+ W2 + W3 R$= W W2 W3 R$ # w W2 Ws dim( + W2) = 2dimWs
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    Dear Shweta,


    Refer the attached image for solution.

    Thank you for asking your query.

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  • Priyadarshan Choursiya
    this questions need that you have some knowledge about sum of two subspaces, dimensions, and how to solve the equations
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