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Let W,, W, W, be three distinct subspace of RiD such that each w, has dimention 9. Let W = W n W2 n Wa. Then we can conclude that (a) W may not be a subspace of R'0 (b) dim W<8 () dim W 7 (d) dim W<3
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  • Chandra dhawan Best Answer
    I think option D is correct not sure. see attachment file it is question like this ..I hope it will be beneficial and helpful.... Best regards
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    Chandra dhawan
    see attachment
  • Anuj s. thankyou
    dim>=7 but less than or equal to 9 dim(w) >= 8+9-17a<=9
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  • Deepak singh
    see attached solution
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  • Deepak singh
    option c is correct , if any doubt then ask
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