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Popular 150+ BSc Courses 2019 in India - After 12th Science (PCB, PCM)

List of B.Sc courses



Today, when it comes to choose a course for study after 12th Class, candidates prefer either Engineering or MBBS courses for graduation as compared to B.Sc. courses (Bachelor of Science). But, why Engineering and Medical are considered better courses than B.Sc.? Does it have no scope?


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is also a popular graduate program among the candidates who have passed 12th Class. It has many career scopes in various fields. You can check some major highlights of B.Sc. Courses below:


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) offers theoretical and practical knowledge in your field.


Mostly, B.Sc. Degree course duration is 3 years (6 semesters) in India.


The Course Duration depends on Institute.


B.Sc. Degree course can be a full time or part-time.



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There are 150+ B.Sc. Courses are available in India. You need to choose the course wisely as per your preference so that you will get a good career after completing your B.Sc. Degree. Before listing best B.Sc. courses, we would like to share some important aspects of the Bachelor of Science degree as given below.




Advantages of Pursuing B.Sc. Degree Course



If you want to become a Scientist, Scientific Assistant, Research analyst, Teachers, Technical Writer/Editor, Lecturers, Chemist, Enumerators, Researcher, Bio-statistician, Clinical Research Manager, Consultant etc. then B.Sc. Degree Course must be at the top of your list.


Although, Bachelor of Science Graduates are not bound to get a job in the science-related field. They can get a job in management, design, engineering, and many other fields.


In addition to that, after completing B.Sc. course, they can appear in JAM IIT for further study (post-graduation) from IITs and IISC. The candidates can opt for JEST, BINC and many other M.Sc. entrance exam as well.




Difference Between B.Sc. Honours and B.Sc. General



There are two types of B.Sc. Courses available after 12th.


Bachelor of Science Honours


Bachelor of Science General


B.Sc. honours degree is awarded to graduate B.Sc. candidates, who’ve completed their graduation with the higher standard of study and distinction marks. It develops advanced theoretical, practical, and research skill among students. In some institutes, it might take 4-years to complete B.Sc. Hons. Degree.


While B.Sc. General course is designed to provide foundation knowledge of Science subjects to the students. It usually focuses on major subjects of Science.




Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc. Courses



Many B.Sc. Entrance Exams in India offer admission in good colleges for B.Sc. Courses, but you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria to appear in these exams. Check the Eligibility Criteria before applying for B.Sc. Courses:


You must have passed 12th class from a recognized board. Some B.Sc. Courses require a 12th class marksheet in Science Stream only. (PCM/ PCB/ PCMB).


You must secure minimum percentage/ marks according to the cut off stipulated by the respective college/ University.



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List of B.Sc. Courses in India



Below, you can check the list of 150+ B.Sc. courses with course duration. You can select your course as per your preferences.



B.Sc. Course NameCourse DurationLearning
B.Sc. In Digital Filmmaking3 Years2D Animation, 3D Modeling, Advanced Rigging, Visual effects VFX, Film Making, Production Design, Cinematography, Film Appreciation, Film Direction, Film Production, Film Editing, Screenwriting & Scriptwriting, Film Production Management, Digital Film Making
B.Sc. In Accountancy3 YearsAccounting, Finance Techniques
B.Sc. In Actuarial Science3 YearsMathematics, Probability Theory, Statistics, Finance, Economics, Computer Science
B.Sc. In Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology3 YearsGenetic Engineering, Statistical Application Wildlife Preservations, Microbiology, Tissue Culture Biotechnology, Clinical Laboratory Techniques, Environmental Issues
B.Sc. In Aeronautical Science3 YearsDesign, Development, Construction or Maintenance of the Aircraft’s and Other Air Aerial Vehicles, Earth’s Atmosphere
B.Sc. In Agriculture3 YearsAgricultural Economics, Economics, Forestry, Agricultural Science, Animal Science, Plant Protection, Soil Science or Agricultural Engineering
B.Sc. In Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality Management3 YearsAirlines Management, Tourism & Hospitality Management
B.Sc. In Anatomy3 YearsOrgans, Tissues, Structures of The Bodies of Humans, Animals, and Other Organisms, Human Evolution, Stem Cell Development, Genetics and Biodiversity
B.Sc. In Animation3-4 YearsComputer Animation
B.Sc. In Animation & Visual Effects3 Years 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual effects VFX, Computer Animation
B.Sc. In Animation Filmmaking3 Years2D Animation, 3D Animation, Film Making
B.Sc. In Animation, Game Design & Development3 YearsComputer Animation, Game Design
B.Sc. In Anthropology3 YearsArchaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology
B.Sc. In Applied Biotechnology3 YearsBiochemistry, Immunology, Bio-Statistics, Plant Physiology, Seed Technology, Microbiology, Agriculture, Ecology, Cropping system, Animal husbandry, Crop Management, Soil Science, Soil Conservation, Health, and Medicine
B.Sc. In Applied Chemistry3 YearsNanotechnology, Drugs, New Materials, Computer-Designed Molecules, Bio-Transformations
B.Sc. In Applied Electronics3 YearsDesigning and Development of Instruments
B.Sc. In Applied Mathematics3 YearsMathematical Concepts and Theories Applied in the Real Life
B.Sc. In Applied Physics3 YearsFundamental Concepts Of Physics
B.Sc. In Applied Science3 YearsUses of Science in Modern Society
B.Sc. In Aquaculture3 YearsAquaculture Improvement
B.Sc. In Aqua logy3 YearsClimate, Seas, and Land Surface
B.Sc. In Astrophysics3 YearsThermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Newtonian Dynamics, Waves, Optics, Modern Physics, And Pursue an Advanced Exploration of Atomic, Nuclear and Quantum Physics, Solid State Physics, Relativity, Quantum Physics, Fluid Mechanics
B.Sc. In Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology3 YearsAudiology and Speech-Language Pathology
B.Sc. In Avionics3 YearsDesign, Development, Production, Operation and Maintenance of Aircrafts
B.Sc. In BioInformatics3 YearsNatural Chemistry, Sub-Atomic Science
B.Sc. In Biochemistry3 YearsChemical Processes, Biological Process
B.Sc. In Biological Science3 YearsClinical Research, Pedagogy
B.Sc. In Biology3 YearsEcology, Biodiversity, Botany, Genetics
B.Sc. In Biostatistics3 YearsStatistical Techniques
B.Sc. In Biotechnology3 YearsMedicine, Technology, Engineering, Other Bio Products
B.Sc. In Botany3 YearsPlants, Fungi, Algae
B.Sc. In Cardiac Perfusion3 YearsCardiothoracic, Vascular, Transplant Surgeries
B.Sc. In Chemistry3 YearsFundamentals of Chemistry, Chemical Processes
B.Sc. In Cinematography4 YearsCinematography
B.Sc. In Clinical Nutrition3 YearsClinical Research, Comprehensive Reviews, Case Observations
B.Sc. In Communication Design3 YearsVisual Communication Design, Contemporary Art, Visual Design Studio, Consumer Interface Design
B.Sc. In Computer Applications3 YearsSoftware or Computer Application
B.Sc. In Computer Science3 YearsTechnological Implementation of Computer Systems, Designing, Execution, Solving Issues, Programming
B.Sc. In Computer Science Statistics3 YearsComputer Science, Mathematics, Physics
B.Sc. In Costume Design & Fashion3 YearsCostume Designing, Fashion Design
B.Sc. In Direction4 YearsFilm Direction
B.Sc. In Dot Multimedia3 YearsMultimedia
B.Sc. In Ecology3 YearsBiological and Physical Characters of The Environment, Social and Cultural Factors, Human Impact on The Environment
B.Sc. In Economics3 YearsEconomics, Market
B.Sc. In Electronic Media3 YearsElectronic Media
B.Sc. In Electronics3 YearsEngineering Materials, Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Data Structure, Programming Languages, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematics, Statistics, Network Analysis, Fundamentals of Electronics, And Electromagnetic
B.Sc. In Electronics & Communication3 YearsAnalysis of Electronics, Computer Systems, and Communications,
B.Sc. In Environmental Science3 YearsEcology, Environment, Natural Resources Conservation, Pollution Monitoring and Control, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Environmental Protection Laws
B.Sc. In Fashion & Apparel Design3 YearsApparel Design, Fashion Design
B.Sc. In Fashion Designing3 Years Fashion Design, Drawing Studio, Design Theory, Visual Design Studio, Traditional Indian Costumes, History of Fashion, Fashion Retail, Meta Design Studio, Fashion Illustration, Garment Construction, Fashion CAD, Fashion Design
B.Sc. In Fashion Promotion & Styling3 YearsFashion Styling, Fashion Promotion
B.Sc. In Fashion Technology3 YearsFashion Technology, Fashion Design
B.Sc. In Filmmaking3 YearsFilm Making, Cinematography, Film Direction, Film Editing, Film Production, Sound Recording, Sound Designing
B.Sc. In Fire Safety & Hazard Management3 YearsFire Safety, Hazard Management
B.Sc. In Food Science & Nutrition3 YearsBiological and Chemical Composition of Food, Nutrition
B.Sc. In Food Sciences3 YearsProtection, Preparing, Selection, Distribution, And Utilization of Nutritious Food
B.Sc. In Food Technology3 YearsFood Science and Technology
B.Sc. In Forensic Sciences3 YearsForensic Pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic Medicine and Odontology
B.Sc. In Gaming3 YearsGame Design, Drawing, Web, Audio & Video Techniques
B.Sc. In Garment Manufacturing Technology3 YearsGarment Manufacturing
B.Sc. In Gemology3 YearsJewellery Designs, Design, Identify and Test Gemstone
B.Sc. In General3 YearsScience
B.Sc. In Genetics3 YearsGenetics
B.Sc. In Geography3 YearsStudy of the Earth and Its Many Lands, Features, Inhabitants, And Phenomena, Besides Map and Geographical Imagery-Interpretation
B.Sc. In Geology3 YearsSolid Earth, Rocks, Other Solid Structures, Minerals, Physical and Chemical Properties, Water Resources
B.Sc. In Graphics & Multimedia3 YearsComputer Graphics, Multimedia
B.Sc. In Hardware & Networking3 YearsComputer Hardware
B.Sc. In Home Science3 YearsHome Science
B.Sc. In Hospitality & Hotel Administration3 YearsHospitality & Tourism, Hospitality, Hotel Management
B.Sc. In Hospitality & Tourism3 YearsFront Office Operation, Hotel Housekeeping, Tourism Fundamentals, Ecotourism, Hotel Marketing, Banquet Management, Food & Beverage management
B.Sc. In Hospitality & Tourism Studies3 YearsHospitality & Tourism, Hospitality, Business Communication Skills, Tourist Guide & Tour Operation
B.Sc. In Hospitality Management3 YearsHospitality Management
B.Sc. In Hospitality Studies3 YearsBusiness Communication Skills, Food Production, Room Division Management, Catering Science, Food & Beverage Service, Hotel Accounts, Strategy Management for Hospitality Industry, Financial Management, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Management, Communication in English, Communication in French, French, Computer Basics
B.Sc. In Hospitality Studies & Catering Services3 YearsCatering
B.Sc. In Hotel Management3 YearsHotel Management, Bar Management
B.Sc. In Hotel Management & Catering Operations3 YearsFood Production, Food & Beverage Service, Hotel House Keeping, Catering Science, Hotel Accounts, Industrial Training, Computer Basics, Accommodation Operations
B.Sc. In Hotel Management & Catering Science3 YearsHotel Management, Catering Science
B.Sc. In Hotel Management & Catering Technology3 YearsHotel Management, Catering Science
B.Sc. In Hotel Management & Culinary Arts3 YearsHotel Management, Culinary Arts
B.Sc. In Industrial Chemistry3 YearsBiochemistry, Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering
B.Sc. In Industrial Science3 Years Business Statistics, Business Mathematics, Internet, Microsoft Project
B.Sc. In Information Technology3 YearsInformation Technology, Computers
B.Sc. In Interior Architecture & Design3-4 yearsVisual Design Studio, Drawing Studio, Geometry: Curves & Surfaces, History of Art, Design & Architecture, Interior Design Studio, Meta Design Studio, Design Art, Contemporary Art, Lighting Design, Economics of Design
B.Sc. In Jewellery Design3 YearsJewellery Design, Design Theory, Drawing Studio, Visual Design Studio, Traditional Indian Costumes, History of Fashion, Meta Design Studio, Jewellery Management
B.Sc. In Knitwear Design3 YearsKnitwear Design, Design Theory, Drawing Studio, Visual Design Studio, Traditional Indian Costumes, History of Fashion, Meta Design Studio
B.Sc. In Life Sciences3 YearsPlants and Animals
B.Sc. In Management & Information Technology3 YearsSoftware Development, Information Systems, It Service Management, Introduction to Business Information Systems, Developing Business Information Systems
B.Sc. In Mass Communication & Journalism3 YearsNews Journalism, T.V Journalism, Radio Journalism, Lifestyle Journalism, Photo Journalism, Sports Journalism, Crime Journalism, Political Journalism, Cyber Journalism, News Writing, Reporting
B.Sc. In Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism3 YearsMass Communication, Media, Advertising, Journalism
B.Sc. In Mathematics3 YearsQuantity, Structure, Space, Computer Science and Statistics
B.Sc. In Media Graphics & Animation3 YearsComputer Graphics, Computer Animation
B.Sc. In Medical3 YearsMedical
B.Sc. In Medical Lab Technology3 YearsMedical Lab Technology
B.Sc. In Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology3 YearsHuman Body Parts, Organs, Clinical Purposes, Physiology
B.Sc. In Microbiology3 YearsMycology, Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology
B.Sc. In Multimedia3 YearsMultimedia Design
B.Sc. In Multimedia & Animation3 YearsMultimedia, Computer Animation
B.Sc. In Multimedia Technology3 YearsMultimedia Technology
B.Sc. In Nautical Science3 YearsNautical Science
B.Sc. In Non-Medical3 YearsPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics
B.Sc. In Nursing4 YearsHealth Sciences, Medical
B.Sc. In Nutrition3 YearsNutrition
B.Sc. In Nutrition & Dietetics3 YearsNutrition and Dietetics
B.Sc. In Optometry3 YearsClinical Skills, Diagnose, Treat, Manage Diseases, Visual System Using Lenses, Optical Aids
B.Sc. In Physical Education3 YearsBodily Development, Strength, Physical Coordination, Agility
B.Sc. In Physical Sciences3 YearsNatural Science
B.Sc. In Physics3 YearsPhysics
B.Sc. In Physiology3 YearsCellular, Tissue, Organ
B.Sc. In Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology3 YearsPlants, Algae, Fungi, Agricultural, Chemical, Pharmaceutical
B.Sc. In Product Design3 YearsVisual Design Studio, Geometry: Curves & Surfaces, Drawing Studio, Product Business Plan, CAD Modelling, Industrial Design Studio, Digital Representation, Meta Design Studio, Holistic Ergonomic, History of Art, Design & Architecture, Design Sustainability
B.Sc. In Psychology3 YearsConflict Resolutions, Motives, Reactions, Feelings, Crisis Management, Group Thinking, Motivation, Nature of the Mind
B.Sc. In Renewable Energy1 YearRenewable, Clean Energy, Energy Management
B.Sc. In Social Sciences3 YearsSocial Sciences
B.Sc. In Statistics3 YearsStatistics
B.Sc. In System & Network Administration3 YearsComputer Hardware, Networking, Internet, Hardware Troubleshooting, Wi-Fi
B.Sc. In Textile Designing3 YearsTextile Designing
B.Sc. In Tourism & Hospitality Management3 YearsHospitality Management, Tourism Management
B.Sc. In VFX3 YearsVisual effects VFX
B.Sc. In Visual Communication3 YearsVisual Communication
B.Sc. In Visual Effects Filmmaking3 YearsVisual effects VFX, Film Making
B.Sc. In Visual Media3 YearsComputer Fundamentals, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign CS6, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere, Sound Forge, Autodesk 3D Max, Visual effects VFX
B.Sc. In Zoology3 YearsQuantitative Biology, Invertebrates, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology, Genetics, Structural Biology, Biostatistics, Environmental Physiology, Developmental Biology, Computations in Life Sciences, Immunology, Microbiology, Biotechnology
B.Sc. In Actuarial Science3 YearsInsurance Investment, Financial Planning, Management
B.Sc. In Architecture3 Years3D Modelling, Design,
B.Sc. In Athletic Training3 YearsAthletic Training
B.Sc. In Biology3 YearsTaxonomy, Life Science, Organism, and their Functions
B.Sc. In Business Administration3 YearsBusiness Administration
B.Sc. In Chemistry3 YearsChemical, Atomic chemistry
B.Sc. In Civil Science3 YearsDesign, Architecture
B.Sc. In Clinical Laboratory Science3 Years Clinical, Laboratory Science
B.Sc. In Cognitive Science4 YearsCognition
B.Sc. In Computer Science3 YearsComputer Science, Computer Languages, Computer Technology
B.Sc. In Construction Management3-4 yearsConstruction Management
B.Sc. In Criminal Justice3 Years Social Control, Deterring, Mitigating Crime, Sanctioning
B.Sc. In Criminology3 YearsLaws, Criminal Cases
B.Sc. In English Literature3 YearsEnglish, Vocabulary
B.Sc. In Environmental Science3 YearsEnvironment, Environmental Problems
B.Sc. In Environmental Studies3 YearsPhysical Sciences, Commerce, Economics, Social Sciences
B.Sc. In Foreign Service3 YearsForeign Service
B.Sc. In Forestry4 YearsFuel Wood, Wildlife Habitat, Natural Water Quality Management, Recreation, Landscape and Community Protection, Employment, Aesthetically Appealing Landscapes, Biodiversity Management, Watershed Management, Erosion Control
B.Sc. In Marketing3 YearsProduct Management, Marketing
B.Sc. In Medical Microbiology3 YearsMicrobiology
B.Sc. In Meteorology3 YearsMeteorology
B.Sc. In Microbiology3 Years Microorganisms, Unicellular, Multicellular, Acellular
B.Sc. In Molecular Biology3 YearsChemical Substances, Genetic Differences on Organisms, Molecular Underpinnings
B.Sc. In Neuroscience3 Years Nervous System
B.Sc. In Nursing4 YearsNutrition, Physiology, Psychology, Physical Health, Mental Health
B.Sc. In Physical Therapy4 years 6 MonthsPhysical Therapy
B.Sc. In Physics3 YearsAnalytical Thinking, Mathematical Modelling, Physics
B.Sc. In Plant Science3 YearsPlants, Fungi, Algae
B.Sc. In Podiatry3 YearsDiagnosis, Medical, Surgical Treatment
B.Sc. In Politics3 YearsPolitics
B.Sc. In Psychology3 YearsPsychiatrists, Biological Substrates, Psychology
B.Sc. In Public Safety3 YearsPublic Security
B.Sc. In Radiologic Technology3 YearsRadiologic Technology
B.Sc. In Real-Time Interactive Simulation4 YearsReal-Time Interactive
B.Sc. In Respiratory Therapy3 YearsRespiratory Therapy
B.Sc. In Software Engineering3 YearsSoftware, Computer Language
B.Sc. In Sports Management3-4 yearsSports
B.Sc. In Statistics3 YearsStatistics
B.Sc. In Interior Design3-4 yearComputer fundamentals Art & Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design



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B.Sc. Courses fee varies for different colleges. Each college has a different fee structure for all courses.  The course fee is slightly higher for some courses that have higher educational value with greater career aspect. Apart from this, premier science college like IITs, IISER, IISc offer B.Sc. course with affordable fee structure and scholarships.


You can check the List of Popular B.Sc. Colleges and select your college wisely.


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