Can An Average B.Sc. Student Appear in IIT JAM – Must Know Facts!

Can An Average B.Sc. Student Appear in IIT JAM Exam


JAM Study Plan
Many B.Sc. student are willing to move ahead their career in Pure Science with M.Sc. The Master’s in Science Course duration is 2-3 years and depending on the requirement set by different programs.


It is no surprise that around 40% B.Sc. Students opt for M.Sc. Courses after completing their graduation. M.Sc. Courses from prestigious colleges like IITs and IISC are well known & these enhance the research skills and professional knowledge of an average B.Sc. student to many levels.


That’s why IIT JAM Entrance Exam continues to grow in popularity. There are thousands of confused B.Sc. students who want to ask questions regarding JAM Test which have not been answered yet.



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Before we take a look at those questions that will give you complete idea about B.Sc. Student’s eligibility for IIT JAM Exam there are a few things that you need to understand:


Just like any other IIT entrance exam, Joint Admission test is conducted by IIT Exam Governing authorities for the admission in their M.Sc. and Ph.D Courses.


The only thing that makes it different from other IIT Exams, is the level of difficulty and the eligibility criteria.


There is no age bar for IIT JAM Exam. Any student who has completed B.Sc. degree with at least 55% can apply for the exam. This gives an opportunity to droppers and candidates who have surpassed the upper age limit for most of the exams.


If you’ve completed your B.Sc. with good marks, no matter what age you are, you can appear in IIT JAM and make your dream come true.




Eligible B.Sc. Degree Holders for IIT JAM Exam:


Any B.Sc. Degree with Honours and without Honours(General) both are equally eligible for the exam. Here’s the list of B.Sc. Degrees accepted for IIT JAM Exam.


1. B.Sc. with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology.


2. B.Sc. Honours


3. B.Sc. Nursing


4. B.Sc. Biotechnology


5. B.Sc. Aeronautical


6. B.Sc. Medical


7. B.Sc. Agriculture


8. Distance Learning B.Sc.


There are 7 major subjects in JAM Test Papers. JAM Exam Eligibility Criteria states a list of essential subjects in bachelor’s degree along with minimum duration of study. These subjects are:










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However, there are some Courses for which no restriction of essential subjects is mentioned by admitting institutes. These courses can be a pursued by any B.Sc. degree holder.


Name of Course Seats Admitting Institute
M.Sc. Biotechnology 12 IIT Indore
M.Sc. Biotechnology 35 IIT Bombay
M.Sc. Biotechnology 38 IIT Roorkee




Discontinued B.Sc. Courses from IIT JAM:


Earlier Admission to MCA Courses was also under IIT JAM’s hat. Hence, B.Sc. IT & BCA graduates had a great opportunity to appear in JAM Test for MCA Courses. But in year 2014, IITs Unanimously decided to discontinue MCA Seat Admission’s via JAM Exam. The MCA course was available at IIT Roorkee only, the MCA Course is abolished now.


So, if you want to pursue MCA in NITs, you can appear in NIMCET Exam.


Engineering candidates are still eligible for IIT JAM Exam, you can check the details of Eligibility Criteria for Engineering Graduates in IIT JAM Exam here.



Smartest Way to Start Preparing for IIT JAM 2019 While Pursuing B.Sc.


You would probably be wondering whether to start your preparation now or wait till you finish your graduation. If you indeed feel ready to start your preparation right away, think no more.


If you are in B.Sc. 1st or 2nd year and want to appear in IIT JAM 2019 or 2020 Exam, then Eduncle is the right place for you!


Eduncle is a well-known name among IIT JAM aspirants for the exam preparation, study material and mock tests. Eduncle has designed study material for all 7 JAM Test Papers. The study material has been trusted by thousands of students & they have benefited from our courses (See our 100+ toppers). Here, we are going to share some tips with B.Sc. students to start their preparation.




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Firstly, if you are interested in Pure Science and Research Field then IITs are the best place for you. Many IIT M.Sc. and Ph.D students have been placed in NASA, Foreign Universities, Research Centres, Silicon Valley etc.


In the international market, IITs have immense trust value and good reputation. After completing B.Sc., the zeal to have a great career chews young minds. B.Sc. is shunned down many a times because Indian society is greatly obsessed with Engineering and Medical Field. Going for further education is always a preferred option for B.Sc. graduates to improve job prospects.


Here JAM Exam appears as the brightest option available. From first year you can start preparing for the JAM Exam.



You can prepare for the exam with B.Sc. Books. The JAM Syllabus 2019-2020 is mostly constituted of B.Sc. Course Syllabus. The topics covered in JAM are sparsely picked from 1st to final year. During graduation, you are young, in touch with studies, and carry a novel dream of pursuing research career.


If you start preparing for IIT JAM from first year, you can focus on NCERT Books as a very first step. NCERT Books are the best resource to build solid conceptual knowledge of the subject. You must start your JAM Exam preparation as postponement will only put you behind other motivated graduates.


If you set yourself up for the exam in earlier phase with a Smart IIT JAM Study Plan, most likely you’d score better even in your first attempt and you’d need not to reappear in the exam.



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Second, not many understand the importance of right study material and mock tests for IIT JAM Preparation during their B.Sc. We have met many graduate students who wished they had spent more time & money getting right study material for their JAM Test Preparation.


Whether you must join a coaching or study at your own?


The applicants often ask this question on online forums, and even to their mentors and peers – Is classroom coaching necessary for IIT JAM or should they instead self-study and maybe get a Mock Test Series at a later stage of their preparation.


Do not join the coaching institute just because your peers are doing so. If you join a classroom coaching, it is quite time-consuming, and you might feel too caught up in the class room coaching. Sometimes it may take a toll on your graduation studies, which is probably the worst thing you’d like to happen.


On the other hand, study material is the best solution for the B.Sc. Students. As they can study at their home with comfort and flexible timing. The relaxed approach to the exam helps you to eliminate pressure and perform well in B.Sc. and JAM both.


In B.Sc. Second year or final year, students face dual pressure of scoring well in the graduation and Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. both. The earlier you start, the better results you get. With Eduncle’s Study Material, you can focus on your JAM preparation without affecting your B.Sc. Preparation.


Whenever you’ll interact with any IIT JAM Topper, they stress more on the importance of self-study. It is important to take regular tests and assess your preparation level and make necessary changes if required.  So, Kick-start Your Preparation with Eduncle’s Study Material, Free IIT JAM Solved Question Papers and Mock Tests.



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These tips on how to start preparing for IIT JAM during graduation will help you understanding the exam properly. Once you have the right study material, what are you waiting for? Get on with it! Plunge yourself into it and achieve your dream.


Drop your comment below to ask your queries related to JAM Exam Preparation during B.Sc.


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Best of luck!




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13 thoughts on “Can An Average B.Sc. Student Appear in IIT JAM – Must Know Facts!

  1. Manthan

    Sir, I will be in Bsc agri final year in 2018-19 . But, I want to go for Msc life science . So, please tell me that is agriculture graduate are eligible for Msc biological sciences in iisc, iiser, tifr,jnu…. pls help

    • Eduncle Team

      Hello Manthan,
      Yes! you can apply for IIT JAM Exam. There are total 15 IITs, 33 NITs and 3 CFTIs offering JAM Admission. You can apply in these institutes.
      Thanks for asking!
      Kind Regards,
      Eduncle Team

  2. Sakshi goyal

    Sir I am in first year of bsc Chemistry honors then can you help me in syllabus of it jam . That means which subjects are required for preparation of iit jam exam

    • Eduncle Team

      Hello Sakshi,
      Check the JAM Syllabus for Chemistry here in details – IIT JAM Chemistry Syllabus. If you have any doubts regarding JAM preparation after knowing the syllabus, feel free to contact us again.
      Thanks for asking!
      Kind Regards,
      Eduncle Team

  3. Raja das

    Sir, i am 2nd yr bsc physics honours student .I want to give jam examination this year ,just for a trial .So, Can i apply this year?????(without completing my graduation)

    • Eduncle Team

      Yes Raja Das, you can apply for IIT JAM Exam for trial.

  4. Debjit

    Sir , I’m a B.Sc general student , so can I appear in TIFR Physics exam …? Plz reply .

    • Eduncle Team

      Yes, you can appear in TIFR Physics.

  5. Rajesh

    I scored below 50% in my bsc can i study iit?

  6. Udhaya

    Can Below 50% student study iit?

    • Eduncle Team

      Hello Udhaya
      For eligibility visit – IIT JAM Eligibility

      Thanks for asking!
      Kind Regards,
      Eduncle Team

  7. Mohan

    Sir, I had two subjects backlog in my 2nd year bsc and cleared it in my 3rd year bsc
    Do I am eligible for IIT jam ??

    • Eduncle Team

      Hello Mohan,
      Yes, You are eligible for IIT JAM Exam.
      Thanks for asking!
      Kind Regards,
      Eduncle Team

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