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Major difference between c4 and cam regarding primary carboxylation?

difference between C4 and CAM regarding primary carboxylation

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  • Adom Best Answer

    First Stable product produced 1. C4 cycle Oxaloacetate and 2. CAM Cycle a. ( Daytime 3-phosphoglycerate) b. (Night time – Oxaloacetate)

  • Priya sarda best-answer

    The main difference between C4 and CAM plants is the way they minimize water loss. C4 plants relocate the CO2 molecules to minimize photorespiration while CAM plants choose when to extract CO2 from the environment. Photorespiration is a process that occurs in plants where oxygen is added to RuBP instead of CO2.


    but regarding primary carboxylation means carbon fixation; how it differs between C4 and CAM?


    C3 photosynthesis produces a three-carbon compound via the Calvin cycle while C4 photosynthesis makes an intermediate four-carbon compound that splits into a three-carbon compound for the Calvin cycle. Plants that use CAM photosynthesis gather sunlight during the day and fix carbon dioxide molecules at night.


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