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Match the geological features listed in group i with their corresponding process group ii

Ques 1- Match the geological features listed in Group I with their corresponding proce Group IL. Group I Group II 1. Sub-aqueous eruption 2 P. Cumulate Q. Migmatite Magmatic segregation R Fenitized rock Anatexis Volatile transport (B) P-4,Q-3, R-1. S-2 (D) P-4,0-3, R-2, S-1 S. Pillow basalt (A) P-2,Q-1, R-4, S-3 (C) P-2,Q-3, R-4, Ques 2- Malachite and Azurite are characteristic ore minerals of (A) Gossan zone (B) Zone of oxidation (C) Zone of supergene enrichment D) Protore

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    1) Cumulate – It is basically proposed as a group name for igneous rocks formed by crystal accumulation. As crystal accumulation or segregation is ultimately followed in this,pertaining to the gravitational settling of the magma. So P->2 Migmatite is a hybrid rock in a layman term as it is composed of varied compositions that is attributed to quartzofeldspathic(lighter bands) and mafic minerals(dark bands) that are formed due to anatexis or partial melting. It also represent the transition from metamorphic to igneous rocks in the rock cycle. So Q-> 3 Fenitized rocks that are attributed to metasomatic alteration that are usually found in case of carbonatite intrusions(Carbonatite is a rare volatile rich igneous rock that has high LOI value). So R-> 4 Pillow basalt is attributed to submarine or subaqueous eruption. S-> 1 So correct option is C . Note: You can find these terms easily in any igneous petrology book. 2) Malachite and Azurite are characteristic ore minerals of zone of oxidation(it is directly given in economic mineral deposits by Alan M Bateman) I'm sharing a picture which is very important for jam and gate (you might have seen this in previous year jam papers). 2-> B


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