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Match the mineral deposits in Group-I with the localities of their occurrences in Group-I Group-I Group-11 . Dariba P. Lignite Noamundi Fluorite Q Chromite Panandhro R. Amba Dongar S. Sphalerite-Galena Naushahi (B) P-3,Q4, R-5, S-1 (A) P-2,Q-3, R-4, S-5 D) P4,Q-5, R-1, S-2 C)P-3,Q4, R-2, S-1
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    You can find it in book of economic geology by umeshwar prasad. Lignite- Panandhro(Gujarat) Fluorite- Ambadongar(Gujarat) Chromite- Nuasahi(Odisha) Sphalerite-Galena - Dariba(R...
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