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Match the organisms in Column I with the characteristics in Column II Column I Column II 1. Halophile 2. Acidophile 3 Mesophile 4. Barophile P. Methanococcus Dunaliella R Sulfolobus S. Escherichia S. (A) P-4. Q-3. R-2. S-1 (C) P-2. Q-1. R-4. S-3 (B) P-3. Q-2. R-4. S-1 (D) P-4. Q-1. R-2, S-3 Ans. D
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  • Narayan singh thankyou
    Ans is D. A barophile is an organism that needs a high-pressure environment in order to grow. Barophiles are a type of an extremophile. An example of a methanococcus high-pressure ...
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav thankyou
    Answer is (D). Barophiles are the bacteria thriving in extreme pressure environments. Mesophiles are bacteria that grow in moderate temperatures like E. Coli. Acidophile organis...
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