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Mechanics EQuncie ter O with a xecute uniform circular motion, in the anticlockwis. th Nxampfe: A circular disc (in the horizontal xy-plane) is spinning about a vertical axXIS wise sense, Centered at P. When the particle is at the point 0. which of the following figure correculy p c rections IT JAM Physics 20081 Constant angular velocity o. A particle is observed to execute uniform circular mouo of the Coriolis force Far and the centrifugal force Fek FF F P O (A) (B) E p F F (C) (D) Solution X K Fer-2m(ôxv) --am ok)«(-i) =-2m@i Fent-mox (0XT =-m x okx - -mok xor(- =-mo'ri
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    Siddharth pandey
    sir i can't understand the direction of omega and the other quantities you have raised