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merOai DOF (6) Rotational DOF (C) 1Tansiaoin I DOF (C) Transiauonan IOIdl (b) Rotational DOF ne value of heat capacity of a colourless gas is found to be 25 J/K-mole than the gas would be (a) O, (47. (b) N () CO (d) SO ne heat capacity at constànt vohume C.of C.N, and AsCl, in gaseous state are 78.982 JK°' mo 48.
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  • Priyanshu kumar Best Answer
    Option D SO2
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    Priyanshu kumar
    see this reshav
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya thankyou
    Option ( D) CV=1/2fR f=2Cv/R f=2×25/8.3 f=6approximately non linear molecule therefore SO2
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    Dinesh khalmaniya
    check it
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  • Reshav
    please provide solution for this question as it not uploading in questions section
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    Priyanshu kumar
    Is correct option is B or D??