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MgBr On the basis of Favorskii rearrangement mechanism, the ratio ofthe products P,Q and R given below, wil be, GATE 2004 respectively coOH cooH coOH Br aq. NaOH ( Scanned with CSCo) 2a (P) (R) (b)1:1:1 ()1:0:1 (d)0:1:
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  • Anonymous User Best Answer
    option D is correct
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  • Anonymous User thankyou
    Here trick is that since product P is not possible. So only option D satisfy This condition
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  • Sourav
    d is correct. only alpha hydrogen will be removed in favorksi reaction
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    just try to make as much practice that you know which rxn is given and what to do with the reaction.. in favorski rxn alpha hydrogen is removed to make a bond and remove halogen.